Israel Takes on Coronavirus – and I’m All for It!

Israel is taking drastic measures to combat Coronavirus. In a nutshell: Ban on gatherings of over 10 people. All schools, malls, gyms, and restaurants are closed. Workplaces are opting to work from home. And quarantined corona patients are being tracked by some device that we all knew Israel already had. Violators may face prison. It’s eerie enough as [...]

Here We Are

Here We Are

In 2016, I was sitting in my masters class eagerly awaiting a guest speaker that had come in to discuss Canada’s approach to foreign policy. Around that time, Canadians had swung their long-standing Conservative Harper votes to the Liberal Trudeau government. As I sat among my peers of fellow future policy advisors in what is [...]

Names ‘R’ Us

I’ve been thinking a lot about names lately. Anyone who’s seen me recently can probably guess why. For the rest of you, I’m carrying around a big belly and it’s getting close! So as we’ve been entertaining names, these have been our considerations: Do we give our child a Jewish, but easy-to-pronounce, name? A Jewish, [...]

Frantic Fridays

After running like a maniac I finally made it on the train at 3:20pm. I left 20 minutes after I was supposed to leave. And, as you know, on a Friday, every minute counts... I had sat in the meeting like a cool cucumber 'casually' checking my phone: 3:03 3:05 3:09. Okay that’s it. I [...]

5 Things I Learned from Another Jewish Holiday Season at Work

1. September is the time of year I discover all the other Yids My organization has about 64,000 employees. I’m pretty certain I know all five orthodox Jews. So when Rosh Hashannah comes around, all the other yids (secular or otherwise) join in taking time off to celebrate the High Holidays. And I get very excited. [...]